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KnitLock Fencing Net

shade netStandard Size : 1.5m,3m width – 50m Length

Color : Three color mixed (Green, White, black)

Features : 100% virgin – UV resistance – Excellent strength
– High durability

Applications :

  • Highlighting the fence at night time.
  • Used to protect Tea Garden, coffee estate, Spice plantation and vegetable garden from wild animals at
    hill stations.
  • Protect plants from birds and wild animal attack.
  • Laying of fence at Gardens, cattle breeding farms, poultry farms and Agricultural farms.
Knitlock Fence net is an ideal choice for fencing of farms and gardens because of flexibility, strength and weather resistant, light weight and durability and is no- injurious to animals. It is widely used as the garden fence, agriculture fence, property and farms, sports fence, roads, barriers, balconies, and railing.


  • Light in Weight
  • High Strength and Durability
  • UV Resistant
  • Good ventilation
  • Multi Terrain Deer Netting
  • Barrier Netting
  • Crop Support
  • Floriculture Bed


Material : EX400M
Brand : Mettcover
Thickness : 0.22 MM
Usage/Application: For the protection of sensitive goods when shipped through cargo.
Temperature: 90 deg

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