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KnitLock Green House Installation

So you want a greenhouse. A simple enough decision, or so it would seem, but in actuality there are many factors to consider, not the least is where to put your greenhouse. Correct greenhouse placement is likely your most important consideration. So where’s the best spot for a greenhouse? Read on to find out how to site a greenhouse.

  • They should be light and strong.
  • Economical and easy care materials.
  • Susceptible of being extended.
  • Adaptable and modifiable to cover materials.
  • In Pillars, supports and reinforcements: : wood ,galvanized steel, iron and aluminium.
  • In straps and beams: galvanized steel, iron and aluminum.
  • Arches: galvanized steel or aluminium.
  • In foundation supports or foundation bases: concrete.
  • In securing the cover: galvanized wire or profiles galvanized steel or aluminum, depending on the type of greenhouses.
  • Canals: galvanized steel or aluminum.
  • Crop wire: galvanized steel or aluminum and galvanized wire.
  • Plastic Films: polyethylene copolímeto ethylene vinyl acetate and polyvinyl chloride plastics and multilayer
  • Rigid plastics: of methyl polymethacrylate, polycarbonate and polyester.
  • Glass: glass patterned glass.

The structure is the frame of the greenhouse, consisting of columns, beams, straps, etc. that support the roof, wind, rain, snow, devices that are installed and overload trellising plants


Material : HDPE
Brand : KnitLock
Thickness : 60 GSM
Usage/Application: The HDPE shade cloth can prevent the effect of sprays, detergent and chemicals.
Temperature: 60 Deg

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