Green Houses

Greenhouse farming is more than just ordering a greenhouse and setting it up on your farm.

This is a partnership to ensure we provide farming solutions to ensure you succeed and grow. When you grow, you buy more greenhouses from us and that allows us to grow as well.

Trust the process

1. Site inspection (pre-site survey)

Before we build your greenhouse, our team will assess the site and check on the land topology, access to the farm, presence of any vegetation which could affect the greenhouse and also collect soil samples for us to perform two tests:

a) Soil Mineral Test

This test shows the mineral composition in your soil and will inform our agronomist on what fertilizer will be suitable for your soil.

b) Soil Pathological Test

This test will show if your soil has any bacterial or fungal infection thatwould affect the production of your crops and will inform our agronomist on what treatments to use to cure the soil.

Once we receive your soil test results, our agronomist will call you to interpret the results for you and email a detailed recommendation report. Based on the size you will have selected, we will share an estimate inclusive of transportation to site to you.

2. Greenhouse Construction

Once we receive your payment, our team will share a delivery schedule with the date we will be on the farm and when the assigned technician to do the installation. Materials are then delivered and construction commences. Once complete, we require you to sign a site completion sheet indicating that the works were completed to your satisfaction.

If your mandate for us was simply greenhouse construction, then our process ends here. However, if you would like us to provide farmer training and support services, our process continues below;


Based on the crop you want to grow, our team will deliver the seedlings after land preparation has been completed. We ensure that our agronomist is present during this period to ensure you achieve 100% germination rate.

4. Agronomic Support

We visit our farmers every 2 weeks to train them on how to grow crops inside a greenhouse as well as advise on good agricultural practices that enable you to achieve maximum yields.

5. market linkage

It is crucial that our farmers access markets in order to return their investment in greenhouse farming. We have market providers that we have partnered with across the country to provide a market for the crops you grow.

At the moment, we have demand for tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers. However, based on the location of the farm, we do advise on the crop that has a greater demand in that region.

Why should you buy our greenhouses?


We value longevity of our greenhouses in order to allow farmers to focus on what they love most-farming. We provide a protected environment for your crops using high tech polycover and materials with guarantees against damage or failures. Our greenhouses conform to global standards and are improved yearly by our engineering team to ensure up to date structures and designs are released to the market.


Our metallic greenhouses are fabricated with high-quality ELECTRO-plated galvanised metallic pipes called Galtron™ giving it a 15 year guarantee against rust. We protect your crops with a 200microns UV-Open, Diffused, Light Transmission of 80%, Haze at 51.7 Greenhouse Poly Cover with a 3 year guarantee . Drip Irrigation piping and assemblies are made out of hydraulic PVC and HDPE, offering long lifespan in the harsh conditions of the countryside.


A deadline is a deadline. We ensure that timeliness agreed upon by you and us are to be met because we understand that proper planning is a recipe for success that’s why we schedule a farm pre site survey by our technical team, to assess the site and plan for any eventualities before we deliver your greenhouse or device.

Easy operation & maintenance

Any member of the family or worker on the farm can perform daily activities and we handle long term maintenance for you.

Cutting-edge technology

We take pride in being the only organization in Africa working to provide farmers with smart and intelligent irrigation and fertigation systems. Our systems eliminate guesswork from farming while increasing yields through using solar powered sensors. Our farmers have reported less work in the farm, increased yield by up to 30% and reduced water usage by up to 60%.

Delivery speed

Delivery of your chosen greenhouse or system will always be delivered within 2 days from the date of confirmation of the order with a contract shared with you to govern us and ensure this commitment is fulfilled.


Our greenhouse design allows interconnection among structures, increasing the area under cover. This allows our greenhouses to adapt to a wide range of scenarios, and farmers to expand their production according to their needs.

Variety of sizes

Our product catalogue offers a range of greenhouse sizes and types, from as small as 60 sq.m to large commercial farming sizes of over 2000sq.m, to meet the needs of small to medium farmers to large export farmers. Whichever your budget or need, we can customize our greenhouses to suit your budget and plans for the future. If wood is present on your farm, we provide up to 15% OFF on our wooden prices.

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Zero hidden costs

We ensure that the price we give our customers is a complete all inclusive price with no hidden costs or missing items. However, we understand that some of these items might already be at the farm (like a water tank). In this case, we deduct them from our prices and share an estimate for you with a new price. This price shall be lower and will exclude the items you requested to be removed.

All our Greenhouse prices include the following items:

  1. Galvanised Metallic Structure: (15 Year Guarantee)
  2. Greenhouse Polyethene 200microns: (3 Year Guarantee)
  3. Drip lines 15cm Spacing 16mm Diameter to irrigate your crops.
  4. Water filter
  5. Starter and rubber connectors
  6. Endlines
  7. Entry Porch- to secure your greenhouse during entry by farm workers.
  8. Roll up side ventilation to control temperature inside the greenhouse.
  9. Overhead Crop support to support your plant during trellising.
  10. Watertank-Different sizes offered based on the size selected.
  11. 2 Metres High Tank Stand for your water tank.
  12. Technical Installation Costs.

We only require that you provide us with casual labourers who will be guided by our technicians during installation of the greenhouse, and cement, sand and ballast to be used on the foundation of your greenhouse.

Wooden greenhouse pricing

Our wooden greenhouses are more affordable and have the same production capability as metallic greenhouses. They are durable and last up to 7 years in areas with no termite infection.

Wooden greenhouses are not suitable for areas with termites. For such areas we advise taking our metallic greenhouses.

Metallic greenhouse pricing

Our metallic greenhouses include galvanised steel crop support for plant trellising.

It is important to us that once construction is complete, you are able to grow high value crops that will give a better return on your investment.